Success in a digital age

by John Swindells —

I am a web developer and systems architect based in North Walsham, Norfolk, and can employ a range of skills and technologies to help businesses achieve their online goals.

API & data services

Integration with third-party API services; development of custom APIs; database development, optimisation and troubleshooting; data collection and analysis.

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Server management

Deployment and configuration of Linux distributions on dedicated or cloud servers; performance monitoring and fault diagnosis.

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Mobile apps

Native iPhone and iPad app development, with emphasis on simplicity and a short learning curve. I specialise in apps that interact with API services.

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Website construction

Production of customised, straightforward and lean websites, with dynamic features to enrich the visitor's experience.

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Online marketing

Use online campaigns to attract new visitors and customers. Formulate targets to achieve your business needs. I can help with pay-per-click and social networking strategies.

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Getting it right

Emphasis on rapid prototyping, effective communication and realistic timescales. I can deliver a range of technologies, and at an affordable rate too!

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